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5 Reasons Why Hypnobirthing is Worth Your Time

Updated: May 20, 2018

I know that you are probably skeptical about giving hypnobirthing a try. The name is very unfortunate and the whole concept can be slightly confusing to get your head around. I hope that by the end of this post, you will understand what hypnobirthing is and that you will consider booking onto a course.

1. Hypnobirthing is logical and encourages the natural birth process to occur.

The idea of hypnobirthing is to provide you with the knowledge, confidence and tools that you require to have a positive birth experience and release fear. In order to do this, I will educate you on how your body works in pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally.

I will teach you ways to encourage these processes and to draw on your instincts, so that you remain in control and confident that you can give birth. It is quite profound how much of an impact this can have overall, even without the other parts that I will teach during the course. If you take one thing from it, it would be that you cannot be relaxed AND stressed at the same time. This forms the basis of the entire hypnobirthing course.

2. You will learn how to make truly informed decisions and remain in control of your care.

Something that I often see within midwifery care, is women feeling 'out of control' because they do not feel able to challenge or question healthcare professionals, nor do they know where to find relevant research to inform their choices.

In order to make informed decisions, you need to know the risks and benefits of the proposed action and also if you are to do nothing at all. Hypnobirthing classes will teach you about this.

One of the biggest causes of mental health conditions following birth is that women feel that they are not listened to, or that they were not consulted in decision making. Hypnobirthing will encourage you to think for yourself, be less passive and ask WHY.

This in turn, will ensure YOU are in control and you are happy with everything that is happening. It will allow you to be on the same level as your care providers. This will empower you and your birth partner and ensure that your birth is just as you would like it to be.

3. It is all inclusive, in several senses.

Many people consider hypnobirthing to be suitable for only those women wanting a 'natural birth', maybe at home, or in water. This is not the case. Hypnobirthing is suitable for the following people:

  • Anyone who is pregnant

Well, that was easy enough, wasn't it? The courses can be tailored for people having a caesarean, twins, breech baby, who have diabetes, are being induced, water birth, home birth, hospital birth, a first baby, a fifth baby. The options are endless. It is not only for those with a fear of birth, either. Anyone who is wanting to have a positive birth experience, feel in control, confident and calm, can attend a hypnobirthing course.

Secondly, the course does not only consist of hypnobirthing. It is your all-in-one antenatal class. It seems that many hospitals have stopped offering antenatal classes now, which is why these classes are so brilliant. You will learn about everything you could ever need to know about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. And if I haven't covered something - ask and I will!

4. It is a nurturing experience for you, your partner and baby.

I always encourage partners to attend classes, because pregnancy and birth are important times for them too. These can often be nervewracking experiences, especially when you do not know what to expect. I can support your birth partner to support YOU, teach them how to be 'useful' in labour and ensure they understand what your body is doing during labour and birth. Hypnobirthing is all about the practice that you both put in prior to birth, so having that mutual understanding and support from eachother is essential. Whether you have a partner, you want to bring your mum, friend or sister along, their support will be key to your experience. With this said, you can attend alone and it will still work!

The course also allows you to interact with your baby, especially during relaxations. The baby can hear your voices and music when practicing relaxation scripts and they can be soothed by these when they are born! How incredible is that? Baby's born by hypnobirthing mothers are generally calmer in labour and once born and are less likely to require emergency caesarean's. The approximately 12-15 hours that you spend together during sessions may be the only time you get to relax. This is a special time for you all.

5. It is an investment in your long-term health and wellbeing.

The aim of hypnobirthing is a positive birth experience, however you are wanting to give birth. A positive experience can reduce the likelihood of developing a mental health condition following birth. That is incredible in itself, but that is not all...

  • You are likely to experience a more comfortable birth, which is sometimes pain-free

  • Your baby will arrive into a relaxed environment and continue to be calm

  • Your labour is likely to be shorter in length

  • You may require less drugs and medical intervention in pregnancy and labour

  • You may bounce back much quicker after birth, as the physical impact is much less

  • Your birth partner will feel able to support you, so you can share this momentous experience together

  • You will have a smooth transition to parenthood and learn ways to maintain a positive relationship throughout challenging times in early parenthood

  • You will be well equipped to cope with stressful situations and remain mindful

As a last thought, the following is written by Katharine Graves herself, the founder of KG Hypnobirthing.

“You can find good information about babies and birth in many places, but hypnobirthing is the only thing I know that actually makes a difference to your experience of giving birth.  Hypnobirthing cannot promise the perfect birth.  Nothing can, and to do so would be ridiculous and not true.  However my experience is that KG Hypnobirthing always makes a difference, and a very big difference too.  It is a privilege to be a hypnobirthing teacher and to be invited into your life at such a special time in order to make it even better.”

How do you feel about hypnobirthing now? Are you in East Sussex and would like to book on to a course with me? Currently 15% off all hypnobirthing classes at Reframing Birth!

If you have any further questions, please do let me know. I hope that you have a wonderful, relaxed, Sunday.

Hannah x

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