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A Change of Plan - Feedback from Eleanor and Rickey

Sometimes, things really do not go as you expect, but that doesn't mean your birth preparation has to go out the window!

Eleanor and Rickey booked a 3 hour workshop with me, to prepare for their upcoming birth. Their baby was in a breech (bum first) position, which meant they had some decisions to make and several appointments over the coming weeks. So, we worked around it! I was able to offer them the opportunity to split their workshop into two sessions, one before their appointments and one afterwards. It seemed to do the trick! Here is what they have to say...

We were so lucky to have the expertise, guidance and calming influence of Hannah in the lead up to our birth.

I was impressed that she responded so promptly to my initial enquiry about offering support with hypnobirthing and was grateful to her for her flexibility in offering a range of different times to set up a 3-hour appointment in our home to discuss this with us.

In the event, because our baby was in a breech position, Hannah kindly offered to split the workshop into two halves, the first discussing hypnobirthing and creating a positive birth experience with the second to be adapted to the outcome of further scans and procedures at the hospital.

Despite having an ECV, our baby didn’t turn so we were informed we would need to have a caesarean. Hannah then spent the second session putting our minds at ease about what to expect from a caesarean and also answering our questions about our birth plan and breastfeeding.

Not only was she supportive during the two face to face sessions, Hannah also provided additional advice and signposting via email and demonstrated a genuine desire to be there to offer further guidance should we need it going forwards.

We can’t thank Hannah enough for being such a positive part of our journey towards becoming parents for the first time!

If you are interested in booking any of my courses, please do get in touch and we can have a chat about how we can work together.

Han x

Image from Monet Nicole Births

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