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Thoughts and Feedback


It's very weird, like at the time, the skills you shared with me weren't in my mind but especially when they were asking me to relax to put the spinal on, I knew how to breathe to relax the most, and went to my little pool in my mind to get me through the hustle and bustle of getting prepped for the surgery. Very different to how I imagined having to use those skills but so effective nonetheless xxx"


"A massive thank you to Hannah, I have so enjoyed this course. Hannah is very supportive, informative, calm, approachable and welcoming. She was super patient with me, and helped sort out any fears I have. Hannah always answered any questions and nothing was off limits! She also didn’t laugh or make me feel silly when I had daft questions. I feel so much more prepared and happy with any choices that I need to make in this journey. I would 100% recommend Hannah and this hypnobirth course to anyone. As a first time mummy it’s been amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH. 💕"


I can't recommend Hannah for her hypnobirthing course enough. We went for the Skype course due to my husband working funny shifts and it was a lovely relaxed way to learn all Hannah had to teach us whilst still feeling personal. Hannah is very friendly and always willing to help with any questions you have, I had a few! When it came time for me to put all that hypnobirthing knowledge into action it really helped and I managed to use only hypnobirthing techniques as pain relief and also used BRAINS when we needed it afterwards making my birth exactly what I had hoped it would be.It also really helped my husband prepare for his role as birth partner and during my labour he was incredible, he was very sceptical to start with, Hannah worked her magic on him and totally got him on board and now he's a total convert.

Sophie & Simon

My partner and I have had a great time with Hannah doing the full Hypnobirthing Course. This has really prepared us for the birth of our first baby and empowered us to cope with whatever happens and remain calm.
Personally I now feel excited, ready and know I am capable! 
Hannah is so passionate in what she does and it really comes across. She is so knowledgeable and wise beyond her years. She made each session personal to our needs/feelings and went above and beyond. 
Thank you so much.
We would highly recommend doing one of Hannah's courses. 


I'm so happy I chose Hannah for my Anternatal class during my pregnancy. Hannah is an excellent teacher and made it very easy to understand the unknown for a first time mum to be and makes you feel reassured during a very anxious time. 
Even when I was in hospital at 39 weeks due to hyperemesis and I was due to be induced, I emailed Hannah for reassurance and after several emails forth and back, she then went out of her way to come visit me on the ward and put me at ease during a very anxious and stressful time. I can't thank you enough for the support you gave me. 
You are amazing!!! 


What a lovely afternoon Ive had with the wonderful Hannah from @reframingbirth on her 'Reframe your birth mini course' which I won at Christmas. We chatted for 2.5 hours covering all aspects of hypnobirthing, relaxation, breathing, how my body works and birth choices to name a few topics. Combined with the knowledge I had already got from The Positive Birth Book and Hannah's website, I feel totally prepared for any eventually when it comes to our big day. It's such a lovely feeling knowing she is on hand to help me with any questions or support I might need going forward and I feel honoured to have my own personal midwife and new friend to share this magical experience with. I would highly recommend anyone to get in touch with her, especially if you have any fears or concerns about birth. Birth is not something to be afraid of but sometimes we just need that bit or reassurance and support. Thanks so much Hannah X X X X 


"Thinking about giving birth is really overwhelming and can be scary, but Hannah explains it all in such a way that it removes the fear and makes you feel fully empowered. Talking through every scenario as well as learning the Hypno birthing techniques allowed me have the confidence communicate exactly what I needed and wanted throughout my pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, from health professionals to family.thank you so much for helping me in the lead up to my second child's birth. I was more scared this time round than last but having Hannah on my team pretty much diminished the fear."


My vbac with Percy was so intense it was traumatizing. So I approached Hannah about preparing for this one with some hypnobirthing. I could not have managed such fast-paced, intense contractions again without those breathing methods. Plus my relaxation guides really helped me to put my past traumatic births behind me and focus on this one anew. works!


"Thank you so much for all your help and support. It really did help having someone listen and be so supportive and understanding. Pregnancy was rough, but the birth and past year has been amazing"


'We loved hypnobirthing with Hannah! She's extremely knowledgeable and a great person to talk through any thoughts or concerns with. We learnt a lot and finished the course feeling much clearer and confident about the options available. She has a very calming presence and we found ourselves really looking forward to each meeting - especially the lovely guided relaxation at the end. I'm so glad and grateful we had the chance to begin our journey as parents in such a positive way and would recommend it to anyone.


Tonight I had the pleasure of talking to Hannah from @reframingbirth about breastfeeding. She offered some great tips and advice for a beginner such as myself! We discussed all sorts from positive affirmations and relaxation to how to express and store breast milk. I have found it very educational and hopefully it’ll be a big help to me when Lottie is here now that I know more about what is happening and how to breastfeed. Hannah also specialises in hypnobirthing sessions too which I think is an amazing way to get into the right mindset ready for labour!


After having a previous birth with no idea what was coming and feeling like everything was being decided for me, seeing Hannah has made me feel extremely positive about my next birth next month. Very professional friendly, calming and helpful. I’m looking forward to using what I have learnt for my home birth in January. My other half, also birthing partner, said he felt like he learnt a lot more than he expected as he wasn’t sure what to expect. Thank you again Hannah!!


"I would absolutely recommend Hannah. This was our second baby and so we wanted an antenatal and hypnobirthing refresher, having done something similar three years ago. Hannah came to our house, which was great, and the whole session made us feel really prepared, focused and empowered. I’m sure the longer courses would be even more beneficial but this worked perfectly for us in later pregnancy. We really utilised all the course materials and relaxations in the run up to labour, too. Thank so much Hannah!"


I cannot thank Hannah enough for all she has done! Childhood friends- she has supported me throughout my whole pregnancy. With only 8 weeks to go I feel so at ease with the whole experience to come. 
The hypnobirthing is 100% something to consider, every session is different and you fully understand what’s going on! You can discuss and plan your birthing plan without feeling judged or guided to do something your not comfortable with. 
All options are provided to yourself with photos and demonstrations so your fully involved & living the moment. 
Hannah is an amazingly talented woman and I wouldn’t want anyone else going through this experience with myself & my partner.


For all you anxious Mumma’s out there, please give Hannah a message because it’s an amazing opportunity you would hate to miss out on and the best thing about it is your partner is also involved within the whole session! 


I cannot recommend Hannah enough. My birth wasn’t how I planned at all infact nothing was to plan. If you asked me to sum it up in one word. Empowering is definitely the best I can think off. Even when everything goes how it shouldn’t your body and mind copes as your safety for your baby is such a natural desire. I wanted this calm therapeutic birth and ended up with none of it and being rushed into theatre but either way there is no right or wrong way. I still had the calm, in control and safe birth I wanted and got a beautiful happy healthy baby. Thank you so much xx



Hannah was amazing! We feel fully prepared since doing the course with her. She was very professional and so easy to talk to. We felt very much at ease discussing the birth with her and she answered all our silly questions. Thank you Hannah :) X


Hannah was amazing during our hypnobirthing course and has fully prepared us for any eventuality that may happen when I go into labour, after having a traumatic first labour Hannah was exactly what I needed to feel in control and confident for it this time round.
Hannah was always easy to talk to, prepared for our sessions and able to answer any questions we had in regards to pregnancy and labour.
I am so grateful to have been able to do this course and highly recommend it to anyone.


We were so lucky to have the expertise, guidance and calming influence of Hannah in the lead up to our birth. I was impressed that she responded so promptly to my initial enquiry about offering support with hypnobirthing and was grateful to her for her flexibility in offering a range of different times to set up a 3-hour appointment in our home to discuss this with us. In the event, because our baby was in a breech position, Hannah kindly offered to split the workshop into two halves, the first discussing hypnobirthing and creating a positive birth experience with the second to be adapted to the outcome of further scans and procedures at the hospital. Hannah then spent the second session putting our minds at ease about what to expect from a caesarean and also answering our questions about our birth plan and breastfeeding.

Not only was she supportive during the two face to face sessions, Hannah also provided additional advice and signposting via email and demonstrated a genuine desire to be there to offer further guidance should we need it going forwards. We can’t thank Hannah enough for being such a positive part of our journey towards becoming parents for the first time!

Alice & Tom

Thanks to Hannah, my husband and I went into our sons labour with full confidence and with the right knowledge. She gave us information and reassurance to what to expect, and to expect the unexpected! Her aura was so gentle and peaceful, plus she really knew her field of expertise! I never heard of Hypnobirthing and recommend it to any new parents to be. Especially with Hannah! Fortunately we were able to see Hannah hours after our son was born, as she was working on a shift, so pleased she got to meet baby Edward. We can’t thank her enough for putting us both at ease and making us excited for the labour itself rather than dreading it ❤️


Hannah has been amazing and so patient with me over the last 8 months. I couldn't have got through this pregnancy without her. Still waiting for baby to arrive (less than a week until due date) but I feel so much calmer and more positive about the birth than when I first found out I was pregnant. I can honestly say this is down to the support and knowledge from Hannah. Even my partner is surprised at how much he has learnt through the sessions and being able to do this from the comfort of your own home is an added bonus! Thank you so much for everything! I couldn't recommend you enough! Everyone needs a Hannah throughout their pregnancy!


As soon as we attended Hannah's introductory session we felt more positive about the birth. We booked a course after that and had a couple of private sessions. Hannah was very flexible to fit in with what we needed. She gave us loads of information and resources to help during the pregnancy and labour. I was able to stay relaxed for labour and ended up having a natural water birth. My husband and I went to normal ante natal classes too but the hypnobirthing felt more positive and gave us a different perspective. Would recommend to all pregnant ladies 

Katie & Aaron

I had already decided I wanted to do hypnobirthing when I discovered I had an underlying condition that would make me high risk - I thought this meant all was lost and there go my peaceful birth plans! Hannah was amazing at making me see this wasn't true and made sure I was informed and calm all the way. Practical information for your birth and calming guided meditations. Thanks so much Hannah - couldnt have done it without you xxx


Just finished four weeks of pregnancy relaxation via Zoom and so sad it has ended. What a great four weeks it has been. Hannah is so good and really helps to prepare you for birth in the most calming way. Thanks so much Hannah! Would definitely recommend 🙏🏼💛


We completed our Hypnobirthing classes with Hannah a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to sit in with my Sister who is expecting her first baby very soon. Hannah is such a calming & beautiful woman. So patient with our many questions! We learnt so much, such invaluable information not just for birth but for everyday life too! As my sisters birthing partner I learnt so much about how I can best support my sister which for me was so helpful & absolutely priceless infomation.

Thank you so much Hannah! So grateful for our time with you & being in your calming presence xxx


I attended a taster session this morning and met Hannah and several couples interested in hypnobirthing learning a little more about it has helped my journey 🤗

💙 Several months later I now have a beautiful little boy of 9 days old. I gave birth naturally in the pool at the conquest I only used hypnobirthing and technics taught by Hannah to birth my son. I can't recommend Hannah enough when it comes to birth its connecting with your body and baby.

Huge thank you 😘💙 xxx

Read daisy's birth story here.


I was induced in the end, the pessary when in at about 4:15pm and then contractions started from about and hour after. They we getting a lot stronger quite quickly but they didn’t believe me that I was in labour. About 11:30pm I said to the midwife that they were really strong and she said no you’ll be ages yet lol. So went for a bath to try and help at 1am and I said to them I feel like I need to push so I got out and my waters broke on the bathroom floor and her head was there minutes later and just about got back to my room to deliver her! Only took about 4 pushes and she was here. So I guess I had no pain relief like I want too!  but she was all worth it! I’ll just know for next time and know what to expect a bit more. Thank you again for everything ️

Florence & Harry

Thanks to Hannah, having a baby during this time was less scary and we felt as prepared as we could. Although Hannah made us feel completely prepared for the birth that we planned, we also felt prepared when the labour didn’t quite go as we expected. Although it was a quick and intense labour, I never felt scared and never thought I couldn’t do it. That’s all down to the work we put in with Hannah in her sessions, and the confidence and knowledge she gave my partner on how to guide and support me throughout the pregnancy and labour. Hannah supported us not only through the sessions but was ALWAYS available to answer any questions we had and regularly encouraged us to get in contact with her - especially as Covid was causing a lot of changes to our birth plan and our post-labour journey that we needed to adapt to in the last few weeks before the birth of our daughter. Without Hannahs help our birth story would have been very different and we will forever be grateful for her knowledge and constant encouragement.


Would definitely recommend Hannah and her hypnobirthing classes. I was very dubious about doing hypnobirthing classes, didn’t think it was for me but gave it a go just to see and I can honestly say, it was the best decision I made. It helped me so much during my labour and birth of my twins. Hannah taught me to stay relaxed by using the breathing exercises etc, which was extremely useful in keeping me calm and focused and don’t think my labour would have gone as smoothly without using her techniques :). If anyone is contemplating hypnobirthing, I would highly recommend Hannah’s classes.


As a father-to-be/birthing partner, we want to support our loved ones as they go through the difficult process of labour. When my wife mentioned that she wanted to try Hypnobirthing, my mind filled with ideas of incense, yoga, and mental imaginings of fields with flowers and buttercups. How wrong I was!

From the very first session with Hannah, I was reassured that this process was going to provide us with tools and strategies to help us both get through labour. It was informative, honest, and research led, and with Hannah, a trained midwife as our coach, it was refreshing to have an honest perspective on labour. Every question asked, no matter how big or small, was met with a detailed and thorough (and professional) response and really helped us prepare - so much so, we are both (oddly) looking forward to the process.

Hannah has also been a real support, and her friendly manner, has really helped to ensure that our experience has been incredible! I am so happy I was wrong with my initial impressions and would, without any hesitation or doubt, recommend Hannah and/or hypnobirthing to anyone - fathers to be included!


would absolutely recommend Hannah and her courses. She is so mindful of wanting to create resources for women and couples who are expecting a baby that promote a positive experience of birth, whatever that might look like and how to care for yourself both during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Hannah went above and beyond in providing information for me when I was trying to decide on a birth plan (I had previously had a caearean and wanted to try for a natural bith, on top of which I had gestational diabetes), I had previously written some options off but she helped me to find resources and get educated in my options and encouraged me the whole way through.

I also did her four week relaxation course during pregnancy which was amazing and perfect thing to help focus, be mindful and relax in the lead up to my labour. Hannah was and is always available, even now that I have had my baby she still reaches out to encourage me and check that I am well. I was also lucky enough to have her be part of my aftercare in the hospital where she was brilliant in so many ways.

I wholeheartedly recommend her and her courses.

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