About Hannah

Unpopular opinion - It is not often you'
MaMa Awards 2018 Shortlist

Hey lovely! I'm Hannah, most people call me Han. I am a HYPNOBIRTHING TEACHER, CURRENTLY TEACHING THE LITTLE BIRTH COMPANY COURSE AND RUNNING THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA, which I love! I am also a practicing midwife, specialising in diabetes in pregnancy. My background is in mental health, specifically working with parents suffering mental health conditions relating to pregnancy and childbirth, including postnatal depression and birth trauma. In my personal life, i live with my partner in hastings, am a massive cat lover and keen baker! cake is the way to my heart.

In the past 6 years, i have been working to bring my passion for birth and mental health together and in my opinion, they fit perfectly. pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and parenthood is a transformational journey and will inevitably have an impact on your mental wellbeing. for some people this is positive, others it can be really difficult. for most people, it is a mixture of both!

This is why i believe that you can do this. you can navigate this journey, however your baby gets out. I have seen far too many people petrified of the prospect of having a baby. It shouldn't be this way. I know why it happens, you aren't being effectively supported or educated. That can be changed. I am a firm believer that no matter what happens during your experience. it is important that your mental health is supported. it can always be a positive experience. I hate the current state of the maternity system, trust me, I have to bite my tongue ALL the time when I see how women and birthing people are treated. But you aren't just a family going through the system, you are a family seeking a birth which changes your life.

for many people,  you do not feel the way you thought you would during pregnancy, birth and parenting. that expectation to feel amazing? it doesn't always happen and that is okay. that is why i also offer support for your mental health in any circumstance, including for trauma resolution, depression, anxiety and baby loss. perhaps you can't even pinpoint the origin of your feelings, so let me hear your story and to take positive steps towards reducing birth trauma and perinatal mental health conditions.  remember, it isn't always about What happened, it is about how it makes you feel.

Hope to speak to you soon, 

Han x