Mental Health Support

Here at reframing birth, I understand that mental health conditions affect 1 in 4 of the general population and approximately 1 in 8 new parents. that is a lot of people. You may not necessarily have been diagnosed with a mental heath condition, yet you may still feel something is not quite right. This is where I can help. My gentle and compassionate approach towards improving your mental health really can make all the difference to your life. I know it takes some strength to take the first steps, so feel free to contact me when you are ready. We can take it slowly, in your own time. I am here for you. All my training has been undertaken with Traumatic Birth Recovery.

Plant Mirror Reflection

let it out

Reflect on your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Stressed Woman

sit back and relax

Learning to relax and understanding your mind is vital when living with anxiety. In a calm environment, we will do just that.

Fragile Pampas

be free from trauma symptoms

TBR 3 step rewind works to reduce the emotional charge associated with perinatal trauma. Lets work together to get your life back.

Woman on Window Sill

self compassion

Through a self compassionate approach, recognise ways you can improve your quality of life when living with symptoms associated with postnatal depression.

I had a very traumatic birth with my first baby and was so anxious during my pregnancy with my second. With Hannah's personalised help, we worked through my trauma and anxieties. Things made so much sense, it really helped to talk it all through and Hannah is so calm and considerate. She was always there between sessions and I can't thank her enough. I honestly don't feel the negative emotions associated with my first birth, it is all memories now. I am sort of excited for the birth of my second! - Grace

After doing 3 step  rewind with Hannah, I feel so much better. my life was nothing before, I was so traumatised by a difficult pregnancy and birth. i feel much more alive, no longer frightened and back to my old self. it was hard to talk of my experience but Hannah made me feel comfortable and I only had to share what I wanted to. I'm so surprised how well it worked. - Nina

I couldn't even begin to think about birthing our next baby, until I found Hannah. We did Rewind together and also worked on my anxieties around having a baby affected by GBS and it has totally changed my life. I can't believe I am actually going to give natural birth a go again! - Sarah