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Positive Birth Story - Amy's Planned Caesarean

When you have had a previous casearean, you have two options for further births. You can have a repeat planned caesarean, which may be reassuring to many, if you have had an unplanned or traumatic experience before. OR you can have a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). The chance of a successful VBAC is 75%, higher in women who have laboured or had a vaginal birth before. The chance of VBAC is best when you have had 1 previous caesarean. The only 'risk' of VBAC is that the scar will break open (rupture) but the statistics for this are less than 1%. The things that increase the chance of this are multiple previous caesareans and induction with hormones, which is why Amy chose to await spontaneous labour, or have a planned caeasarean if that didn't happen.

28/09/2018. 12:37pm. 7lbs 10oz. Mia Grace Angela Collins.

Amy completely smashed it. After a caesarean with her first baby, VBAC was on the cards, with a caesarean booked for 41 weeks if she didn't go into labour. So, an elective caesarean section was the path it took and it was the right one for her. A totally positive experience and how incredible does she look, only a few hours postsurgery, with a breastfeeding baby!

Amy's Words

"It's very weird, like at the time, the skills you shared with me weren't in my mind but especially when they were asking me to relax to put the spinal on, I knew how to breathe to relax the most, and went to my little pool in my mind to get me through the hustle and bustle of getting prepped for the surgery. Very different to how I imagined having to use those skills but so effective nonetheless xxx"

Prior to working with Amy, we had been talking on Instagram for a long time. I knew she would benefit from one of my courses and I am so pleased that things went well. We initially discussed VBAC if labour were to occur spontaneously, but that wasn't the case. It didn't matter though, Amy took it all in her stride. I told you that hypnobirthing could be useful no matter what! When clients become friends, it is always incredible. I just wish we lived closer! Amy did the Mini course via Skype and it worked like a dream. if you want to give it a go too, comment or message me!

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