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Positive Birth Story - Jo's 2nd VBAC

Jo took the Reframe Your Birth Mini course, with the aim of finding some practical ways of supporting her in a positive birth. Chester is her rainbow baby, 4th birth, and 2nd VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and I think you'll agree that she is an absolute superwoman! She stuck with her instincts, declining induction and trusting in her body. Huge well done Jo, I am over the moon for you!

I think this was the moment where I realised just how big this baby is and how amazing the birthing body is when left to do what it needs to do.

So, my take away from this birth so far is the following:

Regular, close contractions don't always happen. My active labour contractions were 20-30 minutes apart and excruciating. I only called triage because the pain felt like labour. By the time we finished the car journey to hospital, they were on top of each other, but still irregular. I was 6cm. Baby arrived soon after. Hip rotating on knees throughout was essential for moving this baby down and out. Any other position was excruciating.

I reached transition where that familiar feeling of "I can't do this" bobbed about in my mind, but I didn't entertain it because I knew I would and had before.

A good midwife asks what position you labored your other babies in and lets you lead...despite not being able to commit to vbac continuous monitoring in the process.

A good midwife doesn't need to examine you to see how you're progressing, she can read your labour pattern and responds appropriately.

In short, I declined all methods of post date interventions, went into labour spontaneously and had a midwife who pretty much left me to it until it came to getting that big head out. Then she helped guide my way verbally with praise and encouragement. He was born with a large head circumference and hand up to his face. There were no tears because there was no panic.

The best second vbac I could ever have asked for followed by a peaceful post natal recovery where I was left to breastfeed in peace and follow my instincts.

If you'd like to take the mini course, or any of my other programmes, do get in touch! Birth has no limits, know your stuff and prepare to make it the most positive experience that you can!

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