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Positive Birth Story: Bethanna's Planned Caesarean With Twins!

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was so excited but pretty soon after the initial excitement my mind went straight to what the birth would be like. I knew that I had wanted to do hypnobirthing and that I would love to try a natural birth but I didn’t know if that would be possible now that I was expecting twins.

As I approached the end of my pregnancy, it was clear that twin 1 was breech and didn’t seem to be up for moving so I had to have a scheduled caesarean. For various factors, the decision was made that I would have that at just over 37 weeks pregnant.

I had an amazing doula with me who came over and we talked through my fears and concerns about having a c-section. Honestly I was so nervous and scared that it wasn’t going to be the lovely, relaxed, positive birth that I was hoping for. However, she was brilliant and helped me make a list of things that I wanted.

The day came and we arrived at the hospital. I had asked if could take my ipod in with me to listen to music (I also had the option of having it playing out loud in the theatre too) and I asked them not to talk to me unless I asked as I felt that all the info would overwhelm me.

Honestly it was an incredible birth.

We went in and they explained what would happen for getting the epidural and let me have my ipod on even at that stage, once they had explained it, they went quiet and got on with it which was exactly what I needed. There were lots of other staff in the operating theatre as you basically need double the people when you have two babies but they were all really great and just got on with what they needed to do. It was a really peaceful atmosphere.

Once everything had kicked in the anaesthetist made sure I couldn’t feel anything and the screen went up (some people choose the option of a gentle c-section where the screen is lowered and you can see your baby emerging but I was happy to wait, I wasn’t sure if I would like that but if I was to have a caesarean again I think I would consider it). As I said before, I had originally asked if they could not speak to me so that I could stay in my zone, do some hypnobirthing breathing whilst it was going on and listen to my music but the anaesthetist made a point of checking if I still wanted that, and actually, once I was there I did feel that I wanted someone to talk me through it. She was amazing and walked me through what was going on at each stage. It was SO relaxed, which made for quite a bizarre feeling. Knowing what is going on behind the screen and yet feeling so chilled.

Then twin 1 (now known as Maisie) arrived and they showed her to me (surreal, incredible, life changing), she needed a quick check over so they whisked her off to a side cot whilst they focussed on getting twin 2 (now known as Delilah) out. Once they were certain that all was well with them both they bought them round to us and we both got to do skin to skin which was so incredible. Even in the short time where there were potential questions, it remained very calm in there and I wasn’t worried at all.

I had had such pre conceptions about having a caesarean before I actually experienced one. I was able to use my hypnobirthing skills even though I wasn’t having a vaginal birth and they were so great at making the environment relaxed, chilled and very in control. I would love to try a VBAC next time but if I needed to have a caesarean again I would be equally as happy. I truly had a really positive birth experience with my twins.

Thank you Bethanna for sharing your wonderful experience! You can follow Bethanna on instagram @musingsofatwinmum. If you are interested in hypnobirthing, even if you are having a caesarean, I can help you! Contact me for more information xx

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