What is Reframing Birth?

Are you plodding along through your pregnancy, maybe around 25 weeks, thinking about what birth may look like for you? Are your assumptions based on what people have told you, what you've seen in the media or on your own previous experiences? Do you think that an 'emergency caesarean' is the 'worst case scenario', or that you have failed as a birthing woman unless you have a 'pain free' drug free birth at home? maybe you have had a previous difficult or traumatic birth and the memories are just flooding back.

Think about this. You feel empowered, positive and confident about your future birth. You are prepared to embrace it in all its glory, however it happens. The physical aspects aren't the most important thing - you can make it a positive experience whatever ups and downs the journey takes. You are able to remain in control and you know how to make decisions which are right for you. Your birth partner is on your side and you work like a goddamn dream team. You can do IT, whatever your IT is for you.

Fast forward. You're in the final weeks of pregnancy now after completing a Reframing Birth course and you are able to enjoy it, relax and know that your body is capable of birthing your baby. You have the confidence to stand up for yourself, because this is YOUR birth.

You tell your friends, with pride, that you birthed like a boss. Things might not have been 'perfect' but they were positive. You were in control and you did it!

When you come to the realisation that a positive experience originates from internal factors, you will be MIND BLOWN! I promise you. I'm here to guide you on your journey, to educate and watch you have your lightbulb moment. I'm well excited to be part this and watch you Reframe Your Birth.


Who needs Reframing Birth?

If you were nodding along to the above, YOU DO. Hypnobirthing won't be everyones cup of tea. But Reframing Birth isn't just hypnobirthing. I understand that you may come in with pre-conceived ideas and may be skeptical. Lets chat about that, I'll tell you why it is worth it. Anyone who is willing to put in time and effort into practicing the tools I teach can reap the benefits. It can be incredibly helpful for those who have experienced previous difficult births or have a fear of childbirth. 

I realise that there is no 'perfect' birth and that is why I have adapted this course to make it suitable for whatever birth you may be considering, from home birth to caesarean, it will work for you. I have also created content for every possible medical concern you may come up against in pregnancy, so rest assured, I've got your back.


What will you learn?

Reframing Birth is your complete birth preparation package, providing you with the tools and knowledge required to have an empowering and positive birth experience. The courses will consist of teaching you all you need to know about birth, how your body and mind work, all your choices, what the hell to do when your ‘plan’ goes wrong, breathing techniques, relaxations and so much more. I’ll help you to navigate the maternity system, I’ve worked in it, so know what barriers you may face! We are reframing everything you once believed.


During your course, I will teach you to release your fears around birth, which will allow you to be in a relaxed state for labour or a caesarean. I will also build your confidence and provide you with the knowledge you require to be in control of decision making during pregnancy and birth. I can’t promise you it will be pain free. I can’t promise you that it will go to ‘plan’, because birth is unpredictable. I am realistic. What I can guarantee is that you will be confident, calm and in control, no matter what happens. You will be ready for this can birth can be an amazing experience.

I know what you are thinking now... why is it called 'hypno' birthing? The 'hypno' part of hypnobirthing originates from hypnotherapy techniques, aiming for you to enter a state of relaxation. It is not related to hypnosis, which you might relate to a pendulum swinging in front of your eyes and end up clucking like a chicken. I can wholeheartedly say that you will be in full control and not turn into an animal during your hypnobirthing course. Promise.

reframe your thoughts.

release the tension and previous trauma.

relax your body and mind.

P.s. you won't find a course like this anywhere else. This isn't just hypnobirthing. Not all hypnobirthing courses were made equal...


I am proud to teach the Little Birth Company Hypnobirthing Programme, which is a modern, flexible and realistic course to prepare you for a positive birth, no matter what happens. 

Please note that Hypnobirthing is not a substitute to medical care. If you have any concerns regarding the wellbeing of yourself or your baby, please contact your midwife or doctor immediately. Hypnobirthing Practitioners cannot provide specific medical advice.

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