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All my courses are bespoke and designed to support you on your journey. Whether it be a full hypnobirthing course, a shorter antenatal workshop or mental health support, we will work together to reframe, release and relax. click the links below to find out about my services, book online or contact me for more information.


reframe, release, relax

My hypnobirthing courses are your full antenatal education. You will not only learn about how your body works, but also relaxation techniques, making decisions and what on earth to do with your newborn baby. i offer courses of varying lengths to suit your needs.


you are unique

providing bespoke and ongoing support, find a package that is right for you and your needs. encorporating hypnobirthing, antenatal education and mental health support, you get everything you need here.

So excited for this lovely family and ca

short snapshots

from positive caesarean workshops, to pregnancy relaxation, birth choices and getting baby ready, these short snapshots will provide you with an insight into birth and beyond. If you are struggling for time or money, these may be perfect for you.


you matter too

Your mental health matters. having a baby can be challenging and sometimes, birth does not go the way you intended. i offer birth reflections service, support for depression and anxiety and care after losing a baby.

Hannah's advice and support throughout the course and my pregnancy has been absolutely invaluable! Having previously suffered a miscarriage we were very anxious about what to expect, but we have finished the course feeling absolutely in control and calm about our baby arriving. We feel totally prepared to deal with any eventuality and can comfortably say we are actually looking forward to the delivery of our baby, knowing we have the knowledge and tools we need to remain calm and in control! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hannah to any expectant parents!" - Lucy

"Would definitely recommend Hannah and her hypnobirthing classes. I was very dubious about doing hypnobirthing classes, didn’t think it was for me but gave it a go just to see and I can honestly say, it was the best decision I made. It helped me so much during my labour and birth of my twins. Hannah taught me to stay relaxed by using the breathing exercises etc, which was extremely useful in keeping me calm and focused and don’t think my labour would have gone as smoothly without using her techniques :). If anyone is contemplating hypnobirthing, I would highly recommend Hannah’s classes." - Steph

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