Your mental health matters. I know, that sometimes, things don’t go or feel the way you intended. Sometimes, an experience can leave you feeling out of control, traumatised or unheard.

Maybe you feel like you don't want to think about it, but it is all you can think about. You go round and round, wanting to talk, but wanting to run. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you. It is a physiological and protective response to trauma, but this doesn’t mean it has to rule your life.

You can only look back thinking negative thoughts and you just want someone to listen to you, to understand what happened and feel validated.

Maybe the experience was a few months ago or perhaps it was years. Maybe you are pregnant again. The thought of giving birth only triggers these negative emotions.


Perhaps you are on high alert all the time, experience panic attacks, flash backs, feel lonely and isolated. These are a just a few signs that you may be experiencing the effects of trauma.


the mind & trauma


When you experience a traumatic event at any time in your life, you enter the fight or flight response.


The fight or flight response is your natural response to a difficult event. It gets you ready to physically fight the situation, or run away from it. The adrenaline pumps through your body, making your heart beat faster, breathing rate increase, you feel shaky, dizzy, panicked.


Every time that you are reminded of this traumatic event, or triggered by something, you enter this response and this only strengthens your belief that something bad is going to happen.


It is like you have a faulty alarm that is being activated unnecessarily. There is nothing ‘wrong’, there is no ‘danger’ but your mind thinks there is. You enter a vicious cycle that is hard to escape from.


Your rational mind tries to reassure you that everything is okay, but your stress response overpowers it.


We need to stand down your fight or flight response.


 your time to talk.

What you experienced cannot be changed, but it can be acknowledged and gently worked through. Lets talk. I will give you all the space you need to say as much or as little as you like about your experience. You will feel heard, validated and in control.


The first step to emotional wellness is to share your story, supporting you to understand what happened, how it effects your life and looking to the future. This can be a stand alone, reflective session, or the beginning of your journey to improving your mental wellbeing.


Going forward, we can create a plan for your upcoming birth if you are pregnant again and if you aren't, then a plan to support you in a positive way going forward into whatever life gives you next. These services aim to provide you with some relief, coping strategies and take the weight off your shoulders.



Reflections Session: £60 for 1 hour of personalised support

not all perinatal experiences are positive.