Postnatal Support

your mental health matters. i know, that sometimes, birth doesn't go the way you intended.

sometimes, birth can appear perfectly 'normal' to everyone else, yet you are left feeling out of control, traumatised or unheard. or perhaps it was an emergency and a complete whirlwind for you.

you feel like you don't want to think about it, but it is all you can think about. you go round and round, wanting to talk, but wanting to run. i can only imagine how difficult this must be for you. it is a normal response to trauma, but normal doesn't mean you have to keep it all inside.

you can only look back thinking negative thoughts and you just want someone to listen to you, to work out what happened and feel validated.

maybe you had your baby only a few months ago,or  perhaps it was years  maybe you are pregnant again. the thought of giving birth again only triggers these negative emotions.

what you experienced cannot be changed, but it can be acknowledged. lets talk. i will give you all the space you need to say as much or as little as you like about your birth experience. you will feel heard, validated and in control. this discussion will be undertaken in a sensitive way, avoiding any potential triggers.

i will use a trusted 3 step technique which involves the following stages:

  1. understanding your birth experience

  2. understanding how it affects your life

  3. looking to the future

we can create a plan for your upcoming birth if you are pregnant again and if you aren't, then a plan to support you in a positive way going forward into whatever life gives you next. this service aims to provide you with some relief, coping strategies and take the weight off your shoulders. as i said, we can't change what happened, but we can acknowledge it.

this birth debrief will take place in the comfort of your own home or via zoom, where you feel most comfortable and your birth partner is able to join if they wish.

you will benefit from my experience as a midwife and perinatal mental health support worker. i have also undertaken further training in birth debriefing with traumatic birth recovery.

investment: £30 per hour 

please contact me directly via email to book.

pregnancy, birth and postnatal debrief

Breastfeeding can be a tough skill to master! And that is ok. It takes time, you and your baby need to foster a strong, loving relationship. You may encounter barriers, but you know where to seek support. I'll come over to your place, get you in a relaxed state and observe you feeding your baby. We can then work on their attachment at the breast, discuss the sorts of things you are experiencing and ensure that you are feeling confident with feeding. 

It may turn into a bit of a birth debrief, time to chat and I'll make suggestions for you to use in your breastfeeding journey. 

We can chat about common problems, expressing, formula, safe sleep, weight, poo and whatever issues you are experiencing. 

I have experience in breastfeeding from working in midwifery and am a qualified mindful breastfeeding practitioner & peer supporter.

Investment: £30 per hour 

In collaboration with the mindful breastfeeding school.

breastfeeding support

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