Support for Perinatal anxiety


Perinatal anxiety is a form of anxiety occuring during pregnancy and /or up to 1 year after birth. It can affect up to 20% of pregnant people and new parents. Anxiety is usually deep rooted in a fear of the future, whereas depression is associated with the past and you may experience symptoms such as panic attacks, increased heart rate, catastrophising thoughts, feeling on edge, excessive worry about the future and a want to control the environment or others.

I am offering a support service for people who have been diagnosed with perinatal anxiety or are experiencing symptoms withot a diagnosis.

This involves a minimum of 3 sessions with me, sometimes more. I will provide space for your story to be heard and then use forms of relaxation and understanding your body to reduce the physical and psychological impact of anxiety feelings and thinking.

Session 1 - 60 minutes: hearing your story and validating your thoughts 

Session 2 - 60 minutes: how your body works and introducing relaxation

Session 3 - 30 minutes: listening to where you are at and what else you need, to support you moving forward

Sessions are held via zoom or in person.

Investment: £150 for 3 sessions and  £60 per hour for subsequent sessions if needed