introduction into hypnobirthing - taster session


Are you between 14 and 34 weeks pregnant and been thinking about hypnobirthing? Wondering if it is for you and just want to make sure? Fearing your birth experience and want to make it a more positive experience? Reframing Birth classes are your all-in-one antenatal and hypnobirthing education, providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to have a calm, controlled and confident birth experience. However your baby is born, it CAN be a positive experience.

We will chat about:
• What is hypnobirthing?
• How can it help you to have a more positive birth experience?

• How the body and mind work

•Relaxation techniques

• The importance of making informed decisions in labour
• The courses I run, that may be suitable for you

This session is downloadable by emailing me directly and costs £10 (deductible from any course that you go on to book). A free 20 minute phone/zoom call with me is included to ask any questions if needed.

Alternatively, we can do a live taster session, for £15 at a time that suits you.

Reframe your birth and baby bundle - the complete hypnobirthing & postnatal course

Wahooo! You’re having a baby. Or maybe you aren’t so excited, possibly a bit nervous. That is totally normal. You’ve got this. If you want some support along the way, you are in the right place. I am passionate about ensuring that you are confident, calm and in control of your experience and transition to parenthood. It is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be negative. Birth is one of the most incredible things you are designed to do and it should be one of the best days of your life. You’d prepare for a wedding, holiday or driving test so why not the same for birth?

This is my most comprehensive course which will teach you all about relaxation, how your mind and birth work, writing your birth preferences, what actually happens in labour, supporting you to feed your baby, care for your baby and be totally chill in the process. The course is made exactly for you, your past experiences and your current situation. You can be assured that it will prepare you for anything.  Hint - it is jam packed full of stuff, so you don't need to splash out on other antenatal classes if you don't want to. You will learn everything you need to know, right here. Plus I only use the best quality evidence, so no bias, fake promises or scaremongering here.

8 hours of teaching, in your home, access to the client area, relaxation MP3's, course manual, a catch up at 36 weeks and my continued support via phone/email/skype until after the birth

Investment: £280

Deposit: £50

Reframe Your Birth  - The complete hypnobirthing course

Your friend told you birth hurts like hell. You saw One Born Every Minute and that showed you the same… Or maybe, you had a seriously traumatic birth previously. You are conditioned to think that birth is a dangerous process and its scaring you. You’ve heard of hypnobirthing but think it’s a kinda weird thing? Hypnosis? Out of CONTROL? The thing you were trying to avoid? Let me tell you something, you won’t be out of control. You’ll be relaxed as a sleeping baby yet totally aware of everything around you. You may even have a comfortable labour. WHAT? I just went there. This course is your antenatal preparation, hypnobirthing guide and how to birth like a goddess. All in 8 hours. Wow.


You’ll learn all about how the mind and body work together in labour, how you actually give birth, how to stay calm AF and tell your midwife exactly what you want to happen. We’ll cover your choices in birth, what happens when your preferences go down the drain and how to adapt to changing situations. You'll be full of tools and practical tips to assist you in birthing like a boss. Even squeezing in stuff that only effects you, for example, if you have had a caesarean before, or will be having an induction. Because yes, you can have an induction and do hypnobirthing. Who knew?

6 hours of teaching in your home, access to the client area, relaxation MP3's, course manual and my continued support via phone/email/skype until after the birth

Investment: £240

Deposit: £50

Reframe Your Birth mini - the hypnobirthing workshop

Damn. You’re 37 weeks. Your ideal birth has just gone out the window for one reason or another. You’re panicking. You don’t know your options. Or maybe you can’t afford a full course. Maybe you are just too busy working, or caring for your other child, like the incredible woman you are. Perhaps you did an awesome antenatal class somewhere else and just want to learn about hypnobirthing. Or you did an antenatal class elsewhere and it just freaked you out. You need support, reassurance and practical tips, pronto. You’re in luck. There is always time with my shortened course. I can fit you in anytime, probably later this week or next!


This is pure relaxation and birth preferences. Its gonna be intense but that’s ok, because it will be so chilled you won’t know what hit you. By the end, you’ll be excited for birth. You’ll realise how the mind and body work together and how this plays a huge part in birth. You’ll know how to breathe effectively, make informed decisions and navigate birth no matter what happens.

3 hours of teaching in your home, access to the client area, relaxation MP3's, course manual and my continued support via phone/email/skype until after the birth

Investment: £110

Deposit: £30

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