introduction into hypnobirthing - taster session

Are you between 14 and 34 weeks pregnant and been thinking about hypnobirthing? Wondering if it is for you and just want to make sure? Fearing your birth experience and want to make it a more positive experience? Reframing Birth classes are your all-in-one antenatal and hypnobirthing education, providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to have a calm, controlled and confident birth experience. However your baby is born, it CAN be a positive experience.

We will chat about:
• What is hypnobirthing?
• How can it help you to have a more positive birth experience?​​

• How the body and mind work

•Relaxation techniques

• The importance of making informed decisions in labour
• The courses I run, that may be suitable for you

Investment: £15 at a time that suits you.

The complete hypnobirthing course

Let's be honest, birth can be a scary thought for so many people. often, our only experiences of birth are what other people have told us, what we have seen on One Born Every Minute, Eastenders or Call the Midwife. These are not realistic!

Giving birth can be a wonderful experience for you and your birthing partner and it should be a day filled with excitement, not something you are dreading. Hypnobirthing does not promise a certain type of birth, but certainly can make your overall experience a much more positive one.

The Complete Hypnobirthing Course will fill you with the vital information that you need to understand the way that your mind and body work to promote a positive birth experience, the tools you need to remain relaxed and make choices that are right for you. We will discuss all the practicalities, curveballs and situations that may be unique to you.

6 hours of teaching in your home, access to the client area, relaxation MP3's, course manual and my continued support via phone/email/zoom until after the birth

Investment: £240 

Deposit: £50

the hypnobirthing workshop

Damn. You’re 37 weeks. You think your ideal birth has just gone out the window for one reason or another. You’re panicking. You don’t know your options. Or maybe you can’t afford a full course. Maybe you are just too busy working, or caring for your other child, like the incredible person you are. Perhaps you did an awesome antenatal class somewhere else and just want to learn about hypnobirthing. Or you did an antenatal class elsewhere and it just freaked you out. You need support, reassurance and practical tips, pronto. You’re in luck. There is always time with my shortened course. I can fit you in anytime, probably later this week or next!


This is pure relaxation and birth preferences.  By the end, you’ll be excited for birth. You’ll realise how the mind and body work together and how this plays a huge part in birth. You’ll know how to breathe effectively, make informed decisions and navigate birth no matter what happens.

3 hours of teaching in your home, access to the client area, relaxation MP3's, course manual and my continued support via phone/email/zoom until after the birth

Investment: £110

Deposit: £30