Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a caesarean and do your courses?

Yes! My courses are suitable for anyone who is pregnant. It does not matter what type of birth you are hoping for, how many babies you have had before etc. If you are having a baby, you can Reframe Your Birth. The courses will fully prepare you for EVERY possible scenario, so that you can have your best birth, for that moment. I offer a positive caesarean workshop for those who are planning a caesarean birth or anyone who wants a more in depth look into what is involved with caesareans.

When is the best time to start a course?

The optimal time to begin a Reframing Birth course is between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. This is to give optimal time for practice. However, I can accomodate you before and after this time. Sometimes, if you are particularly fearful of birth it is a good idea to start early. But even if you are 39 weeks, we can still do the course! No fuss.

What locations do you cover?

I live in Hastings and can cover any areas around this, including: St Leonards, Battle, Rye, Eastbourne. If you live outside of this area e.g. elsewhere in the UK, I offer online classes, so my courses are accessible to everyone!

I feel it's a bit pricey, why should I invest in this?

I am a highly experienced teacher and I also have a background in midwifery. I believe my course fees to reflect my expertise but are considerably the most affordable hypnobirthing classes in the area. This is your full antenatal education and more. No need for anything else! Consider this - you are likely to want to purchase all the best equipment, clothes etc for your baby, but if you have a negative birth experience, how would that impact the way you feel? Your deeper emotions. Your own health. We want the best for our babies, so why don't we want the best for us as parents, too? I wrote a whole blog post on this: If you feel the fees are not viable for you at this time, please contact me and we can discuss how these can be adapted to suit your needs. I am very flexible with my prices and offer a 'pay what you can' and instalment payment plan, so that the courses are accessible to everyone. I don't want to ever make anyone feel they cannot achieve a positive birth experience due to the cost of my courses.

Why should I choose you over other hypnobirthing teachers?

It is important for you to feel connected to your teacher and therefore, I will always allow you to make your own choice! I am passionate about promoting a positive birth experience. Aside from my professional life, I am pretty chilled. I am flexible to your needs and love to get to know my clients. You are my main priority and feeling comfortable in my presence is what I aim for. I am human and that is what you need when you are feeling at your most vulnerable. Most importantly, I am realistic. I know that not every birth is what you might call 'natural'. I have worked in mental health for years and recognise that women who feel out of control and uninformed often do not achieve the birth they desire. I understand how your mental health affects your entire life and would like to positively influence this. I am also a qualified and practicing midwife and have attended many births, supporting women and their families. This gives me insight into hospital policies and protocols. giving you an idea of things that may happen to you in pregnancy and childbirth. It also allows me to offer breastfeeding support and further postnatal knowledge.

Do I still need a midwife?

Yes. Hypnobirthing is not an alternative for medical care. You will still need to attend all of your appointments and I cannot give individual medical advice, I can only inform you of things that may happen in pregnancy, birth and following birth.

How do online sessions work?

Very well, I have found! We will discuss an appropriate time for the course to run and how many sessions you would like it to be over. I'll book you in to my diary. You pay just like you would any of my other courses. We can use Zoom, or another online video chat if you'd prefer. I have several that I use. I usually do a test run just to make sure it works! The course may be slightly shorter than if it were face to face, however, all the same content will be covered. You will still have all the course resources and my continual support throughout your pregnancy and beyond. My online courses run from 2 and 8 hours of teaching time, course resources etc, at a reasonable price. You can find the overview of sessions under the 'Services' tab.

Why The Little Birth Company?

There are many different methods of hypnobirthing, which have various focusses. Many aim for a 'natural' or 'normal' birth, at any cost. This is NOT realistic for everyone. I chose to retrain with The Little Birth Company (LBC) because their course is modern, produced by a qualified midwife and hypnotherapist and takes into account the fact that a natural, hippy, no pain relief, homebirth is not everyones cup of tea, or the safest way of birthing for all women. The LBC recognise women experience various difficulties in pregnancy and birth and the message I want to get across is that you CAN have a positive birth, no matter how the baby gets out of you. I wanna be realistic, down to earth and modern with my approach. LBC gives me that. Clients want and need that. It also allows me to be flexible with how I teach and what I teach, because no two women are the same.