Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding can be a tough skill to master! And that is ok. It takes time, you and your baby need to foster a strong, loving relationship. You may encounter barriers, but you know where to seek support. I'll come over to your place, get you in a relaxed state and observe you feeding your baby. We can then work on their attachment at the breast, discuss the sorts of things you are experiencing and ensure that you are feeling confident with feeding. 

It may turn into a bit of a birth debrief, time to chat and I'll make suggestions for you to use in your breastfeeding journey. 

We can chat about common problems, expressing, formula, safe sleep, weight, poo and whatever issues you are experiencing. 

I have experience in breastfeeding from working in midwifery and am a qualified mindful breastfeeding practitioner & peer supporter.

Investment: £30 per hour 

In collaboration with the mindful breastfeeding school.

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