Antenatal Workshops

the positive caesarean workshop

Whether you have already taken a hypnobirthing course were planning to birth vaginally*, and now your circumstances have changed, or you are a hypnobirthing novice and are planning a caesaran birth for personal or medical reasons, this is the course for you!

You may feel like you have no choices now you are having a caesarean, but I am here to reassure you that you have many. There are still many things that you can consider and take positive steps to achieving a positive caesarean birth. Maybe you have heard absolute horror stories about caesareans, but I promise you, it doesn't have to be this way.

Lets learn all about caesarean births, hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques, your birth choices and how you can work together with your caregivers to have a calm, safe and gentle experience.

3 hours of teaching in your home, course manual, relaxation MP3's and my continued support via phone/email/zoom throughout.

*If you have already taken a hypnobirthing course with me, but had a change of circumstances, this course will be at a discounted rate of £65.

Investment: £110

Deposit: £30

baby ready - the postnatal course, including mindful breastfeeding

You’re covered for the birth. Maybe you’ve done other antenatal classes or hypnobirthing before. But you still aren’t ready for when your baby arrives. It can be an anxious time for you, not knowing if you are doing it ‘right’ or maybe your friend told you that they didn’t do it like you are planning. No one can tell you how to parent, that is your decision, because you are capable of making informed choices. However, there is so much information out there and you just want to do the best for your baby.


Including the Mindful Breastfeeding Programme, I’ll teach you how feeding works, whether that is breast or bottle. It’s always a confidence boost when you know what to expect with feeding. I'll chill you out too, because feeding works best when you are relaxed. We’ll even go right back to basics with how to hold, change and dress babies (if you need it – this might even be your first experience with a baby so don’t feel like you know nothing!). Shall we co-sleep? What even is that? What do babies need? How do they develop? What happens to your body after birth? All questions that need to be answered! I’m here, guys!

2 hours of teaching in your home, course manual, relaxation MP3's. visit after birth for feeding support and my continued support via phone/email/skype throughout

Investment: £60

Deposit: £30